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B2B Marketing

Agency Specializing in B2B Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, and Sales Nurturing

TwoQM is a B2B marketing agency that focuses on helping companies improve lead generation, conversion rates, and sales opportunities. We build results-driven marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations improve their sales pipelines.

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Results-Driven B2B Marketing

We drive engagement with buyers, partners, influencers, and advocates.

We begin by firming up buyer definitions and messaging. Then we set monthly lead acquisition goals, build marketing assets, and create a data-based strategy. From there, we launch pilot campaigns and actively measure results against benchmarks, while optimizing, improving, and building.

Our process for B2B marketing is based on simple yet effective principles. We seek to increasingly gain efficiency, agility, and effectiveness as we focus on decreasing the time table for success generation. We analyze and create marketing plans around your business data. We want to help you reach your customers fast, effectively, and efficiently.

Growth-Driven Metrics

Not Marketing Fluffs.

We pursue only metrics that grow your business:

  • Decision makers converted (CEO, CTO, CIO, etc.)
  • Leads generated per month
  • Sales qualified leads per month
  • Sales driven by marketing

You'll have access to your unique company metric dashboard to analyze your digital data. We won't show you just what you want to see, we will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

B2B Lead Nurturing.

Improve Your Sales Pipeline.

We use several key tactics to reliably fill your sales funnel.

  • Marketing channel analysis: Gather and compare marketing campaign effectiveness across all channels

  • Sales funnel analytics and conversion optimization: Use automation to improve performance through the entire funnel: top to bottom

  • Marketing to sales alignment: Track and nurture leads with automation to improve lead quality and buying-readiness

  • Goals and predictive analysis: We help clients set and grow their visit/lead/customer monthly goals

We use multiple analytics systems to gain the best visibility of marketing campaigns.

Data-driven Insights & Actions

Our campaigns are powered by insights, iteration and optimization. Our work is guided by business goals, organizational vision and a disciplined methodology.

We integrate marketing analytics with  our sales CRM system to better understand and measure a potential for conversion and define winning strategies.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Acquisition rates
  • Nurturing conversions
  • Influence of content

You'll have access to everything we offer. You'll be able to track your data, analyze our process through our crm, and edit your website. We give you peace of mind, and work out in the open for you to see.


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