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How This Once Homeless Entrepreneur Closed Deals With Wal-Mart, UPS & P&G

Raised in a military family, Amari Ruff literally saw the world. At 16, his father left Amari’s mom to raise their three children, forcing Amari to balance a heavy work schedule with the demands of High School.

During this unsettling period, Amari’s family moved between relatives and homeless shelters. At one point, Amari had to commute over four hours a day, via public education, to maintain continuity at his High School.

Accepted to college, Amari was unable to cover the costs, forcing him to take a job as a cable company technician. He quickly moved up the ranks and began negotiating significant enterprise contracts.

Realizing he had a knack for establishing relationships and crafting mutually beneficial business deals, Amari began a telecommunications company in 2010, with $300 and a 1990 Ford Ranger. He built the business to almost 200 trucks and five locations across the U.S. However, Amari realized that a larger opportunity existed for a tech company to connect minority, women and veteran led businesses with large corporations.

In 2015, Amari launched Sudu. Never one to think small, Amari landed Wal-Mart as his first enterprise customer. He subsequently cut deals with P&G, Delta Airlines, Georgia Pacific and UPS. Sudu now has over 300,000 trucking companies within its network and is generating millions in revenue.


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